Daniel Hanbing SHENManaging Partner

Managing Partner and Founder of AHL Legal
New South Wales Justice of the Peace (1997) 
Solicitor and Barrister in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, Federal Court and High Court of Australia 

Public Notary (2005) - Fellow of the Australia and New Zealand College of Notaries (2011)
Hong Kong Registered Foreign Lawyer (2010)
New South Wales Legal Aid Serious Criminal Law Panel Member (2010)
Australian Registered Migration Agent (1994) (MARN: 9474426 & 0319262)
LPAB Dip. of Law  New South Wales - College of Law
University of Sydney - Master of Laws (1994)
Expert of State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs of PRC (2018)
Expert of Center for China and Globalization (2014)
Expert of Global Legal Alliance (2017)

Languages:English, Mandarin, Cantonese
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Daniel Hanbing Shen was specializing in commercial litigations from an early stage, he represented the Zhang v VP302 SPV & Ors [2009] NSWSC 73 that was recognized by Sydney Morning Herald (Australia’s largest and oldest English-language newspaper) as the case of “movement in changing Australian’s Real Estate industry”. The decision has been included into the “Federal Law Report” and has been cited in various law textbooks. Thereby the above mentioned achievements establish the unshakable legal status in Australia legal profession.

In recent years, Daniel is engaged in and participates in the planning of large-scale investment projects and legal works, specializing in planning and conducting large-scale legal litigation cases and provide legal consulting services for listed group companies as well as government agencies.

Shen was acting on a pro bono basis for the ‘Unpaid Chinese Plasterers’ case in 2007 which was the first Chinese case in Australia to enter into the Australian Parliament and subject to Senator’s enquiries. In 2008, he did the case pro bono for “Waterloo Balcony Plunge Case” and “Lin Family Murders” in 2009 which caused a sensation in Australia, AHL Legal voluntarily held a funeral for the victim (the Funeral for the Lin Family Victims) in Olympic Park.

In 1994, he became a Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) Registered Migration Agent (RMA).

In 2000, served as a member of the New South Wales Fair Trading Advisory Council (FTAC).

In 2010, served as a member of NSW Legal Aid serious criminal law panel (Specializing in defending on tax crimes, commercial fraud etc.) and was working together with Chinese-American detective Dr. Henry Lee in handling the cases.

In 2011, he served as investing consultant in Chong Qing foreign-investment centre.

In 2010, invited by the Chinese bank to give a lecture on Chinese traditional painting and appreciate jade collection.

In 2003, held a position as a course presenter of the Law Society of New South Wales.

Served as part time lecturer in Graduate Faculty of Law at University Technology Sydney (UTS) in 2000.

In 2001, he served as part time law lecturer in Master of Business Administration courses UTS Business School and compiled teaching materials ‘Contemporary Business Law’ and ‘Advanced Comparative Law for Civil Lawyers’.

He has served as visiting vice-researcher in Shanghai Academy of Social sciences law research institute (1997-2000), visiting researcher (2000-2012) and compiled the textbooks such as ‘tort’, ‘Property Law’ and ‘common law lecture – lecture dedicated to Chinese law students’.

In 1997, he has served as visiting professor in Law faculty Yun Nan University and in Business School of Sichuan foreign Language University in 2010.

He has been invited by Fudan University law department (2004), East China University of politics and law (2000), Guanghua Law School of Zhejiang University (2008), Northwest University of Politics and Law (2003), to give a public lecture on Anglo American law.

He has served as guest speaker of legal program in Australia broadcasting corporation and Australia national broadcasting corporation (since 2005), since the beginning of the nineties, he wrote law columns for many newspaper magazines.

Attend interview from China Central Television (CCTV) in 2012, become the first Australian solicitor who was interviewed by China CCTV.



Non-litigation cases

Representing on behalf of a Hong Kong listed company to negotiate with Queensland siltation gold mining project in advising on merger and acquisition matter.

Representing on behalf of a Hong Kong listed company to negotiate with Queensland gravel mine extracting project in advancing on merger and acquisition matter.

Representing on behalf of well-known Chinese brewing enterprise to negotiate with Australian winery and advising merger and brand management issues.

Advising and providing legal services for Chinese listed enterprise (building industry and furniture industry) on restructuring issues in Australia.

Advising and providing legal services for Chinese listed enterprise (food enterprise) on acquisition of farm issues in Australia.

Providing legal advice and to set up company for news media organizations (National News Department) in Australia.

Providing legal services and set up company for well-known Chinese television organizations in Australia.

Providing legal advice and set up subsidiary company for Hong Kong television organization in Australia.

Providing legal advice for the employees of well-known Chinese listed enterprise (communication industry) who are residing in Australia to settle visa issue.

Providing legal services for Chinese national government departments in setting up affiliated agencies.

Providing legal advice and service for Chinese national government’s key department.

Providing advice on investment on art collection and acquisition services for certain famous bank (private banking department).

Providing exhibiting and planning services for well-known Chinese academy of painting and calligraphy (at the provincial level/municipality directly under the central government).

Providing legal services for Chinese listed corporations (Guangdong Real Estate development industry) that incorporated with Australian’s famous sports club for the purpose of developing project of Four Seasons hotel.

Providing legal services for Chinese listed enterprise to invest in Australian real estate and land. Provide full legal service for Chinese listed company to purchase chateau and help them to develop and plan their brands.

Engaged by one of the top 500 industries to provide legal service for their employees in investing real estates in Australia.

Providing assistance for the litigation of Sino-Australia joint venture motorcycle enterprises.

Preparing leasing contract for Taiwan Airline Company in Sydney office.

Providing legal assistance for Australian’s Chinese newspapers on leasing disputes in Sydney.

He has been invited by Taiwan government agency in Australia to provide legal advice for individual cases.

Litigation cases – some successful litigation cases have been compiled by the state high court assembly.